Dinner in Memphis

Team Laeth was started with $5,000 from Laeth's life insurance policy. We served our 1st weekly meal in downtown Memphis on Thursday Jan 10, 2013. We served 50 meals. We served every Thursday in 2013 and 2014 except Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks when many others serve. We currently serve 70-110 people per week. We serve every Thursday at 5pm CT at The First United Methodist Church at 2nd and Poplar, Memphis TN. NOTE: Serving time has been moved up to 5pm during Standard Time. Thanks to the awesome generosity and support of First United Methodist Church we are now able to prepare meals in their kitchen. Those available start meeting in the kitchen at 3pm CT. 

Thanks to Ruth's Heart and volunteers from Jacob's Well, who come out to support Team Laeth, we are also able to pass out contact information for people on the streets to get all types of assistance. We currently provide info about shelters, clothing and meals available in the downtown Memphis area to our friends on the streets along with a great meal each week. Thanks to clothes donated by Jacob's Well we are often able to provide new and fresh clothes to many of our friends on the streets. They have been greatly appreciated. We have also been able to help get people off the streets at night during the cold nights thanks to another local ministry called Room In The Inn. They help provide overnight shelter and meals during the winter. They are always looking for local churches to provide transportation and nightly accommodations so if there are any churches that can help please contact them.

We have moved up from serving meals in bags out of tubs on the sidewalk to serving hot meals on tables and eating on picnic tables along with providing clothing and information about food, shelter and assistance. God is Great !!!

Our meals consist of items such as meatloaf, spaghetti and meat sauce, chili, soups, chicken and salads. We have shown up consistently each week despite the weather even when there were only 2 of us so we now have a group of about 50-70 waiting for us each week. We are a diverse group ranging from 23 year old David, a volunteer from Jacob's Well with culinary skills, to Nancy, an 81 year old formerly homeless woman, to some of the folks we are there to serve. Everyone is welcome to volunteer and everyone has something to offer. If time or location is a problem please consider donating supplies. We can always use donations of paper products, canned goods, non-perishable items, vegetables, fruits, sweet snacks, drinks, personal care items, bug spray or anything else that would benefit our friends on the streets.

Please consider joining us, there is nothing like the feeling of helping others in need. Please let us know in advance if you plan to volunteer.

A very special "Thanks" to First United Methodist Church for giving us a place to serve, the kitchen to prepare the meals, and providing bread and pastries each week. Also to Jacob's Well for the volunteers that have been coming out to help serve and the supplies they have  provided, and to   Christ United Methodist Church for letting us borrow equipment so we can serve better meals, and to Laeth's friends who have started donating items and their time for the cause.

If you can provide any supplies, help prepare, help serve (or all 3) please contact us at: ContactUs@TeamLaeth.com. Thank You.

For God's Glory,

Laeth's Family and Friends

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