Laeth Mullins was a twin, son, brother, grandson, uncle, nephew, friend, and Marine. He was a soccer player, wrestler, advanced karate student and he studied Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Laeth was a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter at age 17. He entered the Marines as soon as he graduated high school. After his injury in the Marines he was not able to continue those activities.
On August 31, 2012, at only 22 years old, Laeth was involved in a tragic accident which took his life.
Laeth always loved helping others. Team Laeth is Laeth's family's project to keep helping others the way Laeth did in his memory. Team Laeth served our first meal for the homeless on January 10, 2013. Since that Thursday we have served hot, hearty meals EVERY Thursday except Thanksgiving when many others serve meals. We serve over 5,000 meals each year thanks to the help of many volunteers. We have served over 30,000 meals in Laeth's memory through the end of 2017.
We currently serve meals in downtown Memphis (birthplace of rock and roll and the blues) every Thursday at 6 pm CT. We serve the meals at the First United Methodist Church at 204 N 2nd St, Memphis TN. See projects page for details. We always need supplies and we can always use help preparing the meals, serving, and cleaning up. Please contact us to volunteer or donate supplies at During 2017 we continued serving 70-120 people every Thursday. We have built close relationships with people on the street by showing up consistently despite the weather. They know they can count on us and we know we can count on them. Thanks to donations from Helping People God's Way Thrift Store we are able to pass out blankets, coats, and socks. They are always greatly appreciated. We also provide information about resources available to those in need including food, shelters, housing, and other services.
We are a diverse group who comes together to serve those most in need. When Team Laeth began there were only 2 of us and we needed help. We found that help from Laeth's friends and those on the street that we came to serve. As we have grown that need has grown. Much of our group is made up of people who came to be served but now help us serve others. Our group includes suburban families, homeless singles and couples, young and old, men and women.
We talk before the meal and our messages are simple:
Make sure everyone you love and care about knows it. You never know who will leave us next. It's usually not who we expect. Appreciate who and what you have while you have it, don't spend time regretting what you don't have and miss out on what you do have. Who we have and what we have can be taken away at any time.
You can turn personal tragedy into a blessing for others. We have found that if you take a personal tragedy and find a way to use it to help others it can help you get through the tragedy. It is true that helping others helps us too. Most in our group will attest to that.
We ask everyone to take the energy from the meal to help others. We explain they can be a part of Team Laeth by going out and helping others in need. Everyone pitches in to help. Those who come to be served unload, keep security, load back up afterwards and clean up the area after the meal. Everyone gets a chance to help and be a part of something. We try to make sure everyone leaves a Team Laeth service feeling better about themselves and others.
One photo below shows the original memorial for Laeth at the accident site. It was on eastbound Walnut Grove over Germantown Parkway in Memphis. It was cut from a 3 foot section of oak tree with a chainsaw by local Memphis woodcarver Paul Schaefer from Highpoint Church and was buried 2 feet deep in concrete. There is also a photo of the angel painting by local Memphis artist Alberto Cabrera that was inspired by Laeth. The painting was presented to Laeth's family at the Stirring Service at Hope Presbyterian Church.
Team Laeth

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