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Philip Ehrman said:   February 17, 2015 7:51 am PST
David and Sharon Mullins and all those they have brought in to support this cause exemplify incredible selflessness in the world we live in today. The extended and interconnected support from other Memphis groups proves there are genuine friends who impart their love of humanity and provide dignity to those in need. Please help support their cause with whatever simple thing you can do.

B. Ammons said:   April 30, 2014 8:21 pm PST
First (United Methodist) Church is blessed to have you as a partner in Christ!

Jackie Hinton said:   September 6, 2013 12:31 pm PST
love the sight its a good thing you are doing.luv you guys for caring enough.

Nita Black said:   June 15, 2013 6:47 pm PST
What an amazing witness of love. Thanks for everything.

Lisa said:   May 26, 2013 7:10 am PST
Blessings to you all!

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